Phrasal verbs- zadanie

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A więc należy wstawic phrasal verbs w te puste miejsca.

Joanna and Stephen __________ ( niewiem) last month over a trivial problem, but I am pretty sure they will get back together before long.

I hate to bring up the issue of litter in our neighbourhood again but it is quite important for us to made a decision on the prevention strategy at today's meeting.

With the advancements in technology, maybe we can lead a faster lifestyle but we have to get over with a lot of service interruptions and technical difficulties.

I am so tired today. Last night I wasn't going to sleep till early morning watching this great film with Clark Gabile-I
know I should have gone to bed, don't show his classics very often.

If you want to make this green light you'd better stop for (nie jestem pewnien) a little-you don't want to brake at the last m
mnute and start skidding.


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