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Freedom is a concept with various manifestations, among which human freedom is its essential link. Is personal freedom unlimited? Let us examine the issue.
My generation exercise a great deal of personal freedom and choice. Firstly, everyone can decide for themselves about their future and fate. Everyone can settle on the territory of their country, choose a school, take care of their chosen job, connect with the people they choose, define their own life goals. Citizens of every independent state have the right to freedom of speech and thought. In addition, we have unlimited access to all kinds of books or newspapers.
Moreover, all citizens of our country, regardless of race, religion, language they speak, social status and property - have the same rights of personal liberty, for exaple freedom of religion.

Having “Rules and Regulations” means limited freedom. Freedom always comes with some “Regulations and Responsibilities”. There is no doubt about it that there are limits to human freedom. One of them is knowingly or not, committing acts that are inconsistent with the law established in a given country. Breaking the law, we unknowingly set ourselves the limits of freedom. Those who do not comply with the law are deprived of liberty and imprisoned as part of their sentence.


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