Proszę o pomoc przy sprawdzeniu opowiadania, ma być w czasie przeszłym

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So it started like one month ago when I was about to turn back for Academy after a hard
sports camp in the Czech Republic. It was Monday I think. I came back home, packed all the
things out and decided that I will go for class on Wednesday. I needed to rest. When I woke
up on Thursday at… 2 p.m. (sleep is a wonderful thing) I just couldn't get through my
Messenger. Everyone was asking “What about your academy class?” “Are your lessons on
Academy still actual?”. I didn’t know what they are talking about and then my friend send me
some information from our Academy website that because of the coronavirus epidemic our
lessons from tomorrow will be online. It was so shocking! Finally I was about to welcome my
friends after a long time and there it was! A quarantine! And here I am now. In my apartment.
Trying to get through my broken laptop when I need it the most. I was thinking that being
witness of the history it have to be some big thing… Now I think that this is a mess.

Dziękuję bardzo za pomoc :)
Na ktorym poziomie jestes?
to turn back for Academy,
for class
lessons on academy,
my friend send me,
it have to be,
witness of the history
Other errors possible.
I have my doubts about PACK THINGS OUT in the context of this essay. I'd word it UNPACK.


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