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Hello everyone!
It’s me again. In this post I’d like to share my opinion about hate crime towards non-heterosexual people.
Well, I think most of us agree that discrimination based on a non-heterosexual orientation gets more and more common, especially in social media; because of that everyday life of hate crimes victims is truly difficult.This problem also affects friends of these people - it’s really tough for them to see how their friends suffer from intolerance towards them.I’m also a witness to the daily suffering of my friends, this is why I’m writing this post.
To make our world a better place we should never ignore attacking people who belong to LGBT+ community; the best option is to report such behaviour.
Another thing we can do is support people who struggle with this problem - knowing that they aren’t alone will make them feel better.
If you want to add something in this matter, do it by commenting this post.If not, just tell me what you think about this issue.

Take care and remember - don’t be indifferent


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