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Over 2/3 of the park occupy deciduous forests. The largest area is covered oak-hornbeam forests,
Which grow in most fertile soils in Park.

In areas flooded witch water for several months grove riverine swamps, which contain mainly of
black alder and ash. In drier areas the forest are growing pine, spruce and mixed.

Overall, there exists 20 species of forest. General the Park has 4500 plants species including
also 728 vascular plants species, 277 species of lichens and more than 3000 species of fungi.

Of particular rare plants living in the Park there is European globe flower, Siberian iris, mountain
arnica and alpine violet.

The richness of the local forest is best seen in multi level nature oak-hornbeam forests.
Top level is occupied by single spruces which are measure 50 meters.
Under top level at height 40 meters we can see oaks, limes and maples.
On the lowest level grow hornbeams.
The most interesting tree in Bialowieza National Park is Jagiello oak.
praktycznie wszystkie zdania maja polski szyk
podmioty maja byc na pocztku zdan
mogę prosić o przestawienie szyku? Dziękuje
lasy lisciaste zajmuja
bory sosnowe swierkowe i mieszane rosna
flooded witch water
there exists 20 species
which are measure 50 meters
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