Proszę o sprawdzenie

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Proszę o sprawdzenie.Nie jestem dobra z angielskiego a to co napisałam napewno jest źle.
The opinion more today more and more often be produced about someone on basis of appearance.It patrzy on folks many folks prism of his clothes pushes car or cellular telephone.
After first seeing dirty untidy folks even if it smiles to us we have not readiness to approach to him and to link conversations.Situation changes when we happen zamiazt him elegant woman, which on first rzy of eye does good impression.
We after second should well get to know folks and late their to judge.Not worth to suggest on given person's subject with opinions of different.So as get dressed like and in dresses on which it is us to lie.among young stock fashionable company clothes are.Persons which do not possess the original pieces of clothing they are often been careful for worse though the same are how different.
Long ago at schools young stock had the duty of carrying uniforms.Thanks nobody assessed on basis of clothes anybody ago.Situation underwent change and I am careful that well.
I think that not garment adorns folks.interior is his true decoration.this is not money it is in life the most important z góry dzieki:)
Wyglada jakby było do translatora wrzucone.. przynajmniej pierwsze zdanie jest dla mnie kompletnie niezrozumiałe. Może napisz co to ma znaczyć po polsku?
Jakbyś napisała to sama, to na pewno byłoby lepiej niż to co ci translator wyprodukował. Założę się, że nawet tego nie przeczytałaś. Wiesz skąd wiem? Przeczytaj i się dowiesz.


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