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Dear Ann,,

I'm sorry that I didn't write to you for sucha long time. I was very busy.
I'm sorry that you couldn't be at my (osiemnastka?) party :-(, but I wiil write you about it.

I booked the club two months ago. Price included dinner, snack and drinks. I invited 45 guests -my friends and all the people of my class. They arrived on Saturday (2nd August) round 18 o'clock. Before that i dacorated romm by baloons and helped the stuff who prepared the party.

The party was extra! The guests were dancing and playing funny games. Suddenly my friend, Agnieszka turned on a banana peel, slipped and fall! We thought that she twisted her ankle, but luckily nothing serious didn't happen.

I got many presents! I like the most one thing - big, sweet teddy-bear. I got him from my classfriends.

It was such an excited party! I will never forget it. You must visit me and then I will tell you more about it. Call me if you are in Poland!

błagam :(