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Witam. Bardzo proszę Was o sprawdzenie mojego wypracowania na temat "My country is the loss chancess". Jestem w klasia maturalnej i bardzo zalażałoby mi na dobrej ocenie z tego wypracowanka.

Sometimes I think about perspective in this country. We can say that Poland is country of loss chances. We learn for many years, go to study and finally when we want to get any job most of people couldn't find it or must work work in others sectors. It's a very serious problem.
Now, when many people go to another country because they get better job, earn more money and what is the most important , live better, in Poland situation is not good. It seems that more and more people decide to leave this country. This number grows from year to year. Government still think that it's no problem and even don't try to fix it. Our pensions are still too small comparted to another countries. Things like cars, holidays are still some kind of luxury. We work very very hard and long and we we don't have much time for rest or our hobbies. More over we can't plan for example holidays because we don't have enough money. Our position in work is often threatended so we must looking for another job. Our country doesn't have enough money for most important things like education, healthy protection.
I consider that future in Poland doesn't look pink. I'm not suprised that so many people leave that country and try to find better conditions of life. If Polish governement won't change their politic attitude to us and still won't be co-operative we will be threatended.


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