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Where is my orange juice?!...Oh, here...thanks.. Could y...What? What? We are shooting?We are on the air? Soo..... Hello to all of you sitting in front of your tv screens. My name is Ania (surname is really irrelevant) and I’m form Poland. You may say “Where the hell is that?” Hmm...Your problem. You should have paid attention on your geography lessons....I live in Mielno. Near Mielno there is...awww...mmmm....What’s the name of that?....Cut!...
Zdzich, what's the name of that puddle in which Leon soaked his legs yesterday? Oh!! Baltic sea! What? There was not a single cut?! We’re still live?....So..Mielno is near Baltic sea. Mielno is a spa...In any case who cares about that? What about me? Hm...I don’t like talking about myself...Or I’m just too lazy to do this... I like...on his left arm there’s a tatoo of a duck...What? Sorry, I got the wrong pages...Once again: I like music, singing, dancing, having parties, sleeping, surfing the internet, laughing and meeting new people. Ok, that's all...Thanks for your attention.
Bardzo fajne i praktycznie bezbłędne :)) Lekkie retusze:

>Where is my orange juice?!...Oh, here...thanks.. Could +you+...

> My name is Ania (*the* surname is
> +That's+ your problem.

> What? +You haven't cut that+?! We're
>still live?

> Sorry, I got the wrong
>pages...Once again: I like music, singing (...)

To "Once again" jakoś mi tu nie pasuje. Tylko że nic mi nie przychodzi do głowy. Może np. "Backspace!" ..Ale to sam wymyśliłem, więc nie gwarantuję czytelności :)