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Dear Ann,
Many kisses! Thanks for your last letter. I’m sorry that I didn’t write to you for sucha a long time, but I was very busy. Now I have some time, so I’m writing.
It was as I said. Yesterday I was at the cinema and I want to write you about a wonderful film which I saw. It calls „Jasne błękitne okna” and starrs Joanna Brodzik (who plays Sygita) and Beata Kawka (as Beata). That film have been directed by Bogusław Linda!
Sygita and Beata were friends when they were young. Then Beata left the village, in which they live (Maciejowice) and now she lives in a big city – she’s an actress. Suddenly Sygita calls and confide in her. Beata come back to Maciejowice, because she’ll help her old friend. The doctor suposes that Sygita has a cancer and she gives way do despair.
I won’t tell you any more ;-) It’s a wonderful and very affected film, which induced me to think about life, friendship and death. Kawka and Brodzik played fantastic! If you want, I will buy you a DVD with this film and send it to you soon.
I’m very sorry, but I must end. I’ll be waiting for your next letter!



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