8 zdań. Proszę o sprawdzenie

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1) Why is Harry's bike muddy?
He's been cycling in the country.

2) How od you know John so well?
I have gone out with him since Christmas.

3) Why is your grandfather in hospital?
He has just an operation on his hip.

4) Do you want to see "Tarzan" with us?
I'm afraid I have seen.

5) Why are you yawning ?
I haven't been sleeping very well, that's why.

6) Where has your sister been recently?
She has been traveling round Europe for the past month.

7) Do you want some coffee?
No, thanks. I have been drinking four cups already today.

8) How's your judo coming on?
Great. I have had three lessons so far and I'm doing quite well.
aż tak bardzo jest źle??
1. ok
2. ...How do you ..
3. He has just HAD an ..
4. I'm afraid I have ALREADY seen IT.
5. ok
6. ok
7. No thanks. I have DRUNK four cups...
8. ok


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