bardzo proszę o pomoc w sprawdzeniu opowiadania:)

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Mam na lekcje napisac krótkie opowiadanie i chciałabym tylko sprawdzić jego poprawnośc. Oto ono:
It was a Beautiful summer morning when JAnet realized that she lost her way. She was in the forest. She did not rememberd why she had gone there. Janet was anxious. It was getting late. The weather was awful. Wind was howling. It was dark and chilly. Janet was shivering with cold. Suddenly she saw a ruinous hut. Janet carefully knocked at the door. Nobody opened. She pressed the handle. Door creaked opened. "Is anyone here?" - she asked but nooneanswered. Janet enterned. Air inside was musty. Janet looked around. She saw a small door. Janet opened it and went into the cellar. It was very huge and dump. She heard some terrible noise similar to howling or growling. Janet felt a chill run down her spine. She saw a hundrets of cages with impresioned animals. In the first cage she saw a scary beast with red eyes and long, sharp teeth. Janet covered her mounth in terror. She observed other boxes. "I have seen those creatures before..."-she thought. Suddenly Janet heard crying. She approaches the sorce of the sound and she saw a girl. "You will die" - girl murmured. Janet was so frightened that she hardly managed to turn back. She noticed an opened cages. There was a notice above it: "The factory of nightmares". Janet started running away. Suddenly a montrous spider approached and jumped at her. Then Janet felt that somebody or something was shaking her body. "Calm dowm"-she heard-"It was just a dream".

Z góry dzieki za pomoc:)
...when Janet realized that she HAD lost her way.
She did not remember why she had gone there.
...Janet carefully knocked 'at' (ON) the door. Nobody opened (tutaj potrzeba albo the door albo it).
Door 'creaked opened' (creaked as it opened). "Is anyone 'here' (generalnie mowimy 'there')?" - ... Janet enteRED. THE air inside was musty.
..It was very huge and dAump.
She saw a hundreDs of cages with imprISSONED animals.
...Janet covered her mouTH in terror.
..Janet heard A CRY. She approaches the soUrce of the sound and she saw a LITTLE girl. "You will die" - THE girl murmured.
She noticed an opened 'cages' (jak cages l. mnoga to bez 'an', jak l. poj to cage). ...Suddenly a monStrous spider approached...
..Calm dowN-she heard-"It was just a dream (lepiej nightmare)
wielkie dzięki:) niektóre literówki to dlatego bo szybko pisałam i nie patrzyłam co:P pozdro


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