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1) Aging population. The advantage and disadvantages. Do u think that all countries are facing this problem.

First of all, nowadays rich and developed countries are having demographic problem. In countries such as : German USA Canada, GB France median age of a country or region rises. Nowadays people live longer than they did in the past due to higher level of life. We have invented plenty of new medicines, which help live longer. Moreover we have good access to contraceptives,. In addition These days families are small parents want to have only one child.
The effects of an aging population are considerable. Social welfare systems have also begun to big problems. In some regions like Europe, they are still largely funded by taxes which pay young people . Cost of health systems will increase dramatically as populations age, because medical care is very expensive
In addition small birth-rate pressures company to employ immigrant
which are chipper employees. They earn more money, so they are willing to work abroad .
Moreover, small birth-rate destroy some companies and establishments such as kindergartens, school and all industry which products toys and children accessories.
On other hand aging population helps developing tourism , because rich old people have a lot of time so they can tour around the world. They spent their money in hotels, museums and restaurants, so they propel economy.
To sum up Aging population is a problem developed countries. I’ve found a lot of disadvantages and only one advantage.