czy to zdanie jest poprawne?

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Czy to zdanie jest poprawne?
I would be really nice to have a chat with you, so please let me know when it is convinient for you to vist us. Maybe on Saturday 23 June?
It would be... reszta ok
gosh, I'm beginnig to lose my sight! :#
>gosh, I'm BEGINNIG to lose my sight! :#

Are you pullig my leg? ;-)
..this was a test from engee30 to see if anyone reads his responses.
You passed.
>Are you pullig my leg? ;-)

I'm afraid not. I've spent too much time in the last six months in front of my laptop, I guess.
maybe on saturday - jest jest w zlym kontekscie

anglicy mowia
is sutarday ok (all right) with you?
korepetycje z angielskiego za darmo przez [gg]
...anglicy mowia
is 'sutarday' SATURDAY ok (all right) with you?
p.s. nie musisz nam tutaj pisac, co anglicy mowia - niektorzy z nas to dokladnie wiedza.
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