błagam pomocy

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mówię szczerze jestem noga z anglika, sprawdźcie mi ten tekst jak możecie, i z góry dzięki.

Aloha Eddy,
Thanks for your letter. Kate asked me to give regards to you and to thank for ear-rings. I bought her a silver cross.
at the moment I am looking at the photos of the concert "Grupa Operacyjna"on Internet. I was there with friends and Kate. You can see us on some pictures. Here you have link http://... . Concert twenty kilometers before Międzygórze, city where we were on holidays. We hit to Biała by inaccuracy. We turned left on crossroad when we must turned right. We don't bought tickets so on end I have obtained credential from police. Concert was fine. All have gone mad when has appeared on stage Mr. Kononowicz from bialystok.I was in shock when I have seen behind him my girlfriend. She has photo with him and I autograph. All played to rhythm of music. At two o'clock after midnight we assembled for house.We want to go in next year from to berlin on concert DJ Tiesto with you. Kate love him and his music. After this patry you would live a bit with me in my hous. We want to go in august to crakow on Coke life music festival. In last year was great. I had four tickets and I have sold all and now I regret this.
So if you want I and Kate can visit you in London. I olweys wonted sit on London eye. Regards for Nicol and your parents. Take care.