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Bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie poniższego tekstu. Rodził się on w wielogodzinnym bólu i mimo to coś czuję, że niestety nie wyszedł chyba zbyt najlepiej. Dlatego tym bardziej proszę aby ktoś się zlitował i pomógł mi go dopracować.

"For anyone success mean something else. it can touch many aspects of life, especially work and love. But is it really true that success in life depends on intelligence

There are several arguments which show the intelligence is necessary. To begin with I’ll present a few disadvantages. Many people think that fortune favours fools. Repeatedly in life we meet with a situation, when our intelligence is underestimated. What is more, even if we studying many years of learning different kind of leagues, or complicated chemical formulas – we don’t know is our knowledge will be used in the future. in addition when we see a rich person, who all live spend on party and have every thing what want, because he look like model, we realize that our education is worth nothing. People less able, but for example more attractive or devious, often have better chance to get good pay job or find ideal partner.

However, there are also a number of advantages to being intelligent. Firstly, that knowledge gives many satisfaction. We have possibility to manage of our own life in control method. Moreover people quickly see through somebody who do bad, and decided to broke off with that person or hire someone wiser in a firm.
From my point of view it’s important to be smart. I believe that intelligence is a key to achieve the success."


Pomoc językowa - Sprawdzenie


Pomoc językowa - Sprawdzenie