Proszę o sprawdzenie

Temat przeniesiony do archwium.
1.Circle the correct alternatives.
1-I had to walk home because I............the last bus
a) missing
b) miss
c) had missed ( zaznaczyłam to)

2. My friends gave me a Cd for my birthday. Unfortunately, thieves______our home the week before and stolen my CD player.
a) had broken into (zaznaczyłam to)
b)broken into
c) has broken into

3. She hadn't eaten such a bad meal since she_____prison.
a)had left
b)left (zaznaczyłam to)
c) has left

4. I couldn't get into my house because I ________myself out.
a)I've been locked
b)had locked (zaznaczyłam to)
c)have locked

5. Had you looked at a lot of police photographs before you____the robber?
a) recognised(zaznaczyłam to)
b) didn't recognise
c)had recognise

6. The judge didn't send the burglar to prison because he___six months in prison waiting for the trial.
a) hadn't spent
b)has spent
c)had spent ( zaznaczyłam to)

7. I couldn't ring the police because the mugger___my mobile phone.
a)can take
b) hadn't taken
c)had taken (zaznaczyłam to)

8. _______ the two man____a lot of crimes before the police arrested them?
a) Have/committed
c) are/committing

9. The police____my brother for speeding five times before he lost his driving licence.
a) had stopped
b) has stopped
c) hadn't stopped
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