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Dear Kate !

I'm writing because I want to tell you something news you won't be happy.
I'm so sorry from the reason can't snatch the opportunity from your invitation, because I will move house.
It's very issue to move house because we have got a lot of things to take and we haven't got a car and it's very (męczące) . I feel very ( nie wyspany) because from morning to evening we bear things for my new house.
My new house is locted in the city centre. It's detached house within are a lot of rooms it has got cellar, attic etc. The wall are in very pleasurable pastel colour. My new room is in pink colour.
I want to invite you when I will finished my move house it will be for months so I want to invite you on my birthday party which take place on Febuary.
I want to apologise you one more time for my not being.
Take care