proszę o sprawdzenie zadań z causative have

Temat przeniesiony do archwium
1. Change the following using causative ‘have’:
a. Someone had painted Mrs. Brown’s house for her.
Mrs. Brown had had her house painted.
b. A hairdresser is going to do Miss Smith’s hair.
Miss Smith is going to have her hair done.
c. A mechanic is fixing John’s car.
John is having his car fixed.
d. They delivered artificial snow for Mr. John’s party.
Mr. John had artificial snow delivered.
e. A doctor tested her eyes.
She had her eyes tested.
f. Decorators are painting Mrs. Brown’s house.
Mrs. Brown is having her house painted.
g. Mr. Brown is going to ask someone to mow his lawn.
Mr. Brown is going to have his lawn mowed.
h. Someone had arranged flowers for Susan.
Susan had had flowers for her arranged.
>h. Someone had arranged flowers for Susan.
>Susan had had flowers {} arranged.


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