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Good Afternoon . Let me introduce myself. My name is Sylwia and  I ' d like to recommend Health Beds. This bed is  solid , comfortable and very , very healthful . .Health Beds have been helping people enjoy a healthier night's sleep for over one hundred years. Such es , This beautiful bed , yes this red bed is Elektrick . With the Electromatic Adjustable you can relax as never before by independently raising or lowering your neck, shoulders, back, calves and feet to find the most comfortable position. The pocket sprung mattress is designed to work in perfect harmony with the adjustable base. The specifically designed slat system features adjusters to firm or soften the tension of the slatted base and features a 5 fold action and cabled hand held controls for easy positioning. The Electromatic Adjustables are available with 
the choice of traditional deep base on castors or a shallow base featuring solid wood legs.We have black , white , pink , red colours , double and single beds. Tooday ours company( Company name : Good Luck Everybody ) have one hundred years and with occasion first ten person get gfts ( tv, dvd or mp3 ) Also price tooday is not biger . One health beds single , with bed- clothez only be one point five thousand pounds. That is cheap. My and my family use that bads . You mast buy this beds . If you have more information about health bed , aks me . My telefone number is [tel]or send me a mail : sylwia @sylwia.o2.uk Thanke you for attention and have a nice day . See you son !
This bed is solid, comfortable and very, very 'healthful' (to slowo nie istnieje w jez. ang) .
Such 'es' (co to jest? literowka?) , This beautiful bed, yes this red bed is 'Elektrick' (ortog).
We have black, white , pink , red colours (ale CZEGI?), double and single beds. Tooday 'ours' (popraw, i przeczytaj roznice pomiedzy OUR a OURS) company( Company name : Good Luck Everybody ) 'have one hundred years' (BZDURY)(Company HAVE?-bzdury- i nie HAVE-popraw) and 'with' BECVAUSE OF THIS occasion THE first ten 'person' PEOPLE get 'gfts' (ortog) (tv, dvd or mp3 ) Also THE price 'tooday' (ortog) is not 'biger' (ortog) (ALE CZEGO?). One
health beds single , with bed- 'clothez' (ortog) IS only 'be' (niepotr) one point five thousand pounds.(1,5000- mowimy FIFTEEN HUNDRED)
'My' ME and my family use 'that' THOSE 'bads' (ortog) . You 'mast' (ortog) buy
'this beds' (DLACZEGO nie rozrozniasz l. poj od l. mnogiej - popraw) . If you 'have' (calkowicie zle slowo) more information about THE health bed , 'aks' (ortog) me .
'Thanke' (ortog) you for attention and have a nice day . See you
'son' (ortog) !

I prosze nie krasc tekstu napisane przez inne osoby - to widac jak BYK.
Zdania w srodku tekstu sa napisane przez NATIVA, a reszta to widac jak.
dziekuje za pomoc i przepraszam ze nie jestem na tyle madra by napisac to samodzielnie
Tak nie powinnas do tego podchodzic. NIKT nie urodzil sie zdolny we wszystkich dziedzinach. Moje poprawki maja sluzyc do tego, zebys sie czegos nauczyla - co na koncu jest dla twojego dobra.
Ale prosze nie wpisywac tekstow 'pozyczonych' od innych. Ja, jak i inni to od razu poznaja. I uwierz mi, ze nawet poznam indiwidualne zdania ktore gdzies tam pozyczysz.


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