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Dear Mark

How are you? I hope everything is all right. I’m writing to you to thanks you for teaching me and tell you about interesting, main attractions in our country.
For example one of many interesting place in our country is Cracow. There is beautiful Royal Castle on Wawel Hill. Maby I will begin from the first…
Kanonicza, the street usually taken to access the famous Wawel Hill, is short and fairly narrow. Yet it is one of the most important and ancient streets of the city; a street whose look has hardly changed over the centuries - authentic and very much alive. Moreover, Kanonicza provides an example of favourable changes that have continued in Krakow in recent years: the complex restoration of city's heritage. In the castle's many chambers, exhibitions that simply cannot be missed await you: royal chambers and stately rooms, collections of Oriental art and military trophies, collections of Flemish tapestries of amazing beauty, as well as archaeological specimens. Worth visiting in the castle grounds are the Wawel Cathedral, the Royal Tombs - crypts containing royal sarcophagi, where we walk among Poland's entire history, and the massive "Sigismund" Bell, which peals only to commemorate events of the greatest importance to the country and the city. Half a day is hardly sufficient to see all these even if you hurry. Well, you’ re any know about attractions in cracow..
Next interesting place in Poland is a Wroclaw, historic Metropolis. Wroclaw has several things to offer the interested tourist. Start at the old market place, Rynek, which was faithfully reconstructed to its former glory and likeness from scratch after being completely destroyed. Among the largest squares of its kind in Europe today, it was first planned in 1241. Its centre is dominated by a Gothic Town Hall. Another place to visit is Ostrow Tumski, the site of the original Wroclaw, where the city was conceived. At that time it was just an island, which once the bishopric founded, developed into the centre of religious life, which it is till today. To visit the island you have to cross the Ostrow Tumski bridge, the oldest bridge in Wroclaw, which joins this peaceful and religiously dominated island with the rest of the city.
If you will arrive to Poland, we will go to a this attractions. : )

Best wishes.
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