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Nigdzie nie moge znaleźć polskiego odpowiednika dla "the California District Attorney's Association", poradzicie cos?

druga sprawa, nie bardzo wiem jak rozumieć coś co w tekscie jest zapisane następująco: "three strikes" laws.

pojawia sie to w tytule i zdaniu: " The attorney general's office points to a 1996 California Supreme Court ruling that judges and attorneys can disregard priors in three strikes cases"
1."the California District Attorney's Association"

dosł. Stowarzyszenie Prawników w Kalifornii

{The Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office is the largest prosecuting agency in Northern California. The Office represents the law enforcement needs of Santa Clara County, also known as "Silicon Valley," which has a population exceeding 1,700,000 residents in fifteen cities, including San Jose and unincorporated areas. The District Attorney's Office handles over 45,000 cases a year. The Office has a staff of nearly 500 people, including attorneys, investigators, forensic analysts, paralegals, clerical workers and volunteers. The Santa Clara County District Attorney's Crime Laboratory analyzes thousands of evidence items each year.}

2."three strikes" laws

Three strikes laws are statutes enacted by state governments in the United States which require the state courts to hand down a mandatory and extended period of incarceration to persons who have been convicted of a serious criminal offense on three or more separate occasions. These statutes became very popular in the 1990s. They are formally known among lawyers and law professors as habitual offender laws.The name comes from baseball, where a batter has two strikes before striking out on the third.
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