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Chodzi o rekrutację na studia zagraniczne. Proszę o pomoc w przetłumaczeniu tego tekstu każdą życzliwą duszyszkę :)

"An I-20 Certificate of Eligibility is needed in order to apply for a student visa at a US Consulate. Canadians do not need to apply for a visa, but do need the I-20 to enter the US in student status.

To obtain an I-20:

First apply to the school (either online or by mailing an application. There is $150 International Student application fee. After you are admitted we will then contact you to get the information needed to create the I-20.

You will need to provide evidence that you have the funds available to pay for the entire cost of your tuition and living expenses.

An interview at a US Embassy or Consulate is required to apply for a visa. It can take from a few days to a few months to get an interview, please contact the US Embassy in your country to determine how long it takes to get an interview and be granted a visa.

If you are currently in the US as a student on an M-1 or F-1 visa you can transfer your I-20 to NYFA. Please contact the International Office for more information.
Currently, the Euro and other currencies are so strong, it has become extremely inexpensive to travel and study in the United States.

Visit for up-to-date information on money exchange conversion rates

As medical costs can be unexpectedly high in the U.S. , the New York Film Academy strongly advises students to have health insurance coverage for the duration of any New York Film Academy program. Students may choose to find a policy on their own, or they may contact the insurance provider below for, reasonably priced short term coverage.

You can apply online or contact US Netcare to request an application"
A których zdań lub zwrotów nie rozumiesz? Bo jeśli żadnego, to nie masz się po co tam wybierać.
łównie chodzi mi o to

"An I-20 Certificate of Eligibility" ...
Podaj gdzie ma sie konczyc ten wielokropek.
oj o ten certyfikat mi chodziło- nic o nim nie mogłam znaleźć. Ale już wiem. Mam do Was kolejną prośbę - znowu zadanie z ang- tym razem wypracowanie na temat "czy lekarze powinni przeprowadzić transfuzję krwi jeśli pacjenta wiara na to nie pozwala".

Wklejam to, co sama napisałam- moja prośba do Was- poprawienie ewentualnych błędów ... :)

"Blood transfusion often reise many issues both medical and ethical.

Religious churches often holdthe belief that the decision is completely up to the individual. I think it is very hard to say if doctors should respect belief of the patient, aspecially when it is en emergency...i mean somebody who need to have blood transfusion and his life is in dangerous.
Maybe this is sytuation when our live is in doctor’s hands...As we know- the point of doctor’s job is to cure. But what if the patient object because of his belief? Can they let him die ...and what about oath of Hipokrates?
I think each man is responsible for own life. And if he have to choose; belief or health (of course as conscious and adult man) he is obligatory to do as he wish, and medizine should respect his decision.
Everybody are master of their own life. This is my way if i die because my religion can’t let me live. This is my choice and if i prefer to die for belief or heal – this is only my body and my responsibility.
For me it is simple and clear – if my belief against blood transfusion i have right to die because of it. I I guess people like that (in text) have a reason and probably they know what they are doing.
However i don’t think doctors really are ready to have lawsuit about cure contrary their own will. Every people have to respect a person’s right to decisions regarding their own body, blood, health and life."


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