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Jessica took up with Dylan again, who now was trying to make his way into a prestigious design school. To pay for the tuition, Dylan took up stripping, but kept his new vocation a secret from the Forresters. When the truth came out, Jessica forgave Dylan and the two celebrated their happiness. That happiness was shattered when Jessica was raped one night after an elegant dinner with Dylan. She was devastated and refused to tell Dylan or anyone else but her mother what had happened. Sly was revealed to be Jessica\'s rapist and he died in a fire that was set by his own hands. Eventually, Jessica left town to continue her education in London.

Thorne and Macy\'s relationship was having its own ups and downs, as well. A series of breakups and reconciliations led to their eventual divorce. Thorne\'s relationship with Karen had ended and she went back to Texas, following her own failed relationship with Connor Davis. Macy became involved with a scoundrel named Anthony Armando and she developed a severe drinking problem. Anthony was arrested for murdering \"Forrester\" model Ivana and shooting Sally. Once Macy overcame her demons, things began looking up. Her music career took off and when she was paired with Thorne as a singing partner, their relationship bloomed again. Unfortunately, throat cancer got in the way of her career, but it only strengthened her bond with Thorne. Thorne and Macy became husband and wife for the second time.

Sheila\'s identity was almost found out when visitors from Genoa City, Scott and Lauren Fenmore, ran into Sheila and Eric. They remained quiet, however, and Sheila was able to continue her conniving ways. When Sheila thought James, her therapist, might be a threat, she locked him up in her basement, but he fooled her into thinking he was in love with her. The two made love before Sheila realized James was just playing a part. James managed to escape, but so did Sheila, who wound up holding the Forrester family hostage. Sheila attempted suicide, but recovered and was sent to a hospital for the criminally insane. Ever the survivor, though, Sheila was let out under the supervision of James.

Ridge chose Brooke over Taylor and went ahead with plans to marry Brooke legally. All was going well when a mysterious letter that questioned Bridget\'s paternity turned up and prompted the Forresters to have the tests redone. It turned out that Eric was Bridget\'s biological father, not Ridge. Ridge postponed their wedding as he tried to deal with his devastation. Eric, too, was furious and Brooke was so upset by what happened that she went off to Barbados and had a brief breakdown. Stephanie urged Eric to sue for custody of the two children. When a newly recovered Brooke returned to Los Angeles with Ridge by her side, she was upset to find her children unavailable to her. Stephanie enjoyed tormenting Brooke, which generally went with her personality. This time, though, mercury poisoning, courtesy of Sheila was causing her behavior. Ironically, it was pleading from rivals Brooke and Sally that gave Stephanie the will she needed to live.

Continuing their parents\' tradition, Eric Jr. (now going by Rick) and Clarke Jr. (C.J.) began fighting with each other. Their family situations, particularly paternity issues, caused friction between the kids. Sally, egged on by an attack on C.J. by Rick, arranged to have some designs stolen from \"Forrester Creations.\" Eric found out what was going on and set out to teach Sally a lesson. He began flirting with her and then dated her, causing Sally to fall in love with him. Eric even went so far as to propose marriage, hoping to keep Sally from displaying stolen \"Forrester\" designs. His plan worked. However, Sally was devastated to learn from Stephanie that Eric\'s feelings for her were all a ruse. In time, Eric and Sally were able to forge a grudging friendship from their experience together. Rick and C.J., too, put their animosity behind them and became friends.

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With Sally prepared to finally succumb to financial ruin, Clarke Garrison returned to \"Spectra Fashions\" as a designer to help invigorate the company. He was determined to develop a relationship with C.J., and be a friend to Sally, but his true nature came through when he was revealed to be taking bribes from a rival company to sabotage \"Spectra.\" Clarke developed genuine feelings for C.J. and Sally, though, and suffered misgivings about what he was doing. He even proved himself worthy by standing by Sally when her best friend and right-hand man, Saul Feinberg, died. Clarke\'s secrets caught up with him when he refused to continue undermining Sally. In the end, Clarke wound up risking his own life to save his son.

Brooke was able to get her children back, but her relationship with Ridge kept taking wrong turns. She developed a close friendship with \"Forrester\" designer Grant Chambers, which led Ridge to think they were having an affair. Ridge proposed to Taylor and Brooke proposed to Grant in attempts to make each other jealous. Brooke wound up going through with her marriage to Grant, but Taylor wised up and left Ridge. She took up with Thorne, whose marriage was once again in shambles. When Ridge was accused of shooting Grant, Taylor finally realized that Ridge was the man she wanted. She supported him when he went to jail for the shooting (he was protecting Rick, who\'d actually done the crime) and rejoiced when he was let out on parole.

But misunderstandings continued to undermine the relationships between Ridge, Taylor, Thorne and Brooke. When Taylor became pregnant with Ridge\'s child, she led people to believe Thorne was the father while Ridge took up with Brooke again. Thorne and Brooke conspired to keep Ridge and Taylor apart, and on her way to stop Ridge\'s wedding to Brooke, Taylor went into labor and delivered a son, Thomas. In time, Taylor realized that Ridge had to know the truth and she told him that Thomas was their child. Ridge and Taylor were reunited and Thorne, realizing he\'d never have Taylor, pursued Macy, who had fallen in love with Grant.

Stephanie and Eric had finally found their way back to the alter but a tryst with Lauren Fenmore came back to haunt Eric when Stephanie found out about it on their wedding day. The marriage was called off and Eric wound up in an airplane crash with Lauren. They were rescued, and Lauren continued her pursuit of Eric, but it wasn\'t to be.

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James Warwick had begun dating Maggie, and the two fell in love. Unfortunately for them, Sheila decided she wanted James for herself. When she took advantage of a drunk James, she became pregnant. When the baby girl, Mary, was born, Sheila reluctantly agreed to let Maggie and James raise the child. Of course, she had no intention of keeping her promise to stay out of their lives. After a number of machinations, Sheila was awarded custody of the baby. James decided that he needed to prove that Sheila was an unfit mother, so he wormed his way back into her life and ultimately fell for her. Sheila\'s true colors were revealed when she threatened Stephanie and Thomas. James was awarded full custody of Mary and Sheila was sent to jail. Unfortunately, Sheila escaped, kidnapped Mary, shot Stephanie and ran out of town.

Amber Moore took a job babysitting for Brooke and soon found herself entangled in an affair with the younger Rick Forrester. Their involvement led to Rick\'s unfortunate car crash, in which Amber donated a kidney to save his life. When Amber became pregnant, she and Rick married, despite his family\'s objections. The child died shortly after birth, but Amber kept the devastating news to herself and passed off her cousin Becky\'s baby as hers and Rick\'s son. They named him Eric Forrester III. As so often happens, the truth came out when the pressure got to be too much for Amber to continue her lies. Rick was distraught over the news and he filed for divorce from Amber.

Ridge and Taylor faced more trying times when a colleague of Taylor\'s caused Ridge to become jealous of his wife. Their bond was strengthened, though, when Taylor became pregnant with twins. Despite a difficult pregnancy and a near-fatal delivery, the happy couple welcomed twin girls Stephanie and Phoebe to their family.

Macy and Grant had a brief marriage that ended tragically when he died of cancer. Thorne helped Macy through her grief and the two became close again. But once again, Thorne couldn\'t resist the pull of one of Ridge\'s exes. This time, it was Brooke that Thorne fell in love with. They became engaged, but Ridge and Eric were determined that the couple would not marry. Stephanie, who always despised Brooke, went mad when she found out about Thorne and Brooke\'s relationship. After an attempt to stab Brooke, Stephanie suffered through another stroke. While in the hospital, she and Eric were remarried, but her condition remained delicate. Meanwhile, Ridge and Eric\'s machinations caused Thorne to reconsider his relationship with Brooke and, on the rebound, he married Macy in Amsterdam.
Trochę długie, nie? -_- Okej, zrobię pierwszy fragment:

Jessica znów zaczęła chodzić z Dylanem, który teraz chciał dostać się do prestiżowej szkoły projektowania. Aby zapłacić za czesne, podjął się striptizu, ale swój nowy fach trzymał w sekrecie przed Forrestersami. Kiedy prawda wyszła na jaw, Jessica przebaczyła Dylanowi i oboje cieszyli się swoim szczęściem. To szczęście legło w gruzach, kiedy pewnej nocy, po eleganckm obiedzie z Dylanem, Jessica została zgwałcona. Była zdruzgotana i nikomu poza swoją matką nie chciała opowiedzieć o zajściu. Gwałcicielem okazał się Sly, który zginął w pożarze, jaki zresztą sam spowodował. Ostatecznie Jessica opuściła miasto, by kontynuować naukę w Londynie.

Reszta może kiedy indziej... ludzie z tej strony nie są agencją charytatywną, you know... Po prostu tekst jest za długi.
Cholera brzmi jak sprawozdanie z serialu, po co Ci takie pierdoly?
Czekam, az mi sie obiad ugotuje wiec moge dorzucic swoje trzy grosze tj z jeden akapit.

Podobniez zwiazek Thorne i Macy mial swoje wzloty i upadki. Seria zerwan i powrotow doprowadzila ostatecznie do ich rozwodu. Zwiazek Thorne z Karen zakonczyl sie kiedy to Karen powrocila do Teksasu, podazajac za nieudanym zwiazkiem z Connorem Davis. Macy zaangazowala sie w znajomosc z lotrem zwanym Anthony Armando i wpakowala sie w powazny problem alkoholowy. Anthonego aresztowano za zamordowanie modelki \"Forrestera\' - Ivany i zastrzelenie Sally.
Kiedy Macy wreszcie przezwyciezyla swoje demony, sprawy przybraly lepszy obrot. Jej kariera muzyczna zaczela przynosic slawe a kiedy polaczono ja z Thornem - partnerem do spiewania, ich znajomosc rozkwitla na nowo. Niestety rak przelyku przerwal kariere Macy, ale to tylko umocnilo jej wiez z Thornem. Thorne i Macy po raz drugi zostali mezem i zona.

A teraz kiedy sie juz troche napisalam powiesz skad i po co ten tekst?
http://tv.yahoo.soapcity.com/specials/bb_relive_memorable_90s/index.jhtml ?

streszczenie \"moda na sukces\"? mam nadzieje ze nie wstawisz 2000 odcinków ;)
To ten teskt, ale z innej strony. Nie pisałam od razu z czego to jest, bo wiedziałam, że nikt mi tego nie przetłumaczy:( To mi jest potrzebne na moją stronę www.moda-na-sukces.prv.pl Jeżeli jeszcze ktoś \"dorzuci swoje trzy grosze\" będę niezmiernie wdzięczna :) Pozdrawiam i dzięki za te 2 akapity !!!




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