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Cześć! Czym się różni "fog" od "mist" i "haze"?

fog = mist

fog,mist > haze
"Mist is a phenomenon of a liquid in small droplets floating through air. It can occur naturally as part of natural weather or volcanic activity, and is common in cold air above hot water, in exhaled air in the cold, and in a steam room of a sauna. It can also be created artificially with aerosol canisters. Fog is a definition closely related to mist, in that their definitions overlap. In many weather service purposes, the difference is decided to be that the visibility in fog is one kilometer or less, while in mist the visibility is between one and ten (or eight) kilometers. Seen from a distance, mist is blueish, while haze is more brownish."

doughnut. uczysz się na Uwb?? na którym roku jestes, bo ja dopiero zaczynam jutro:d hehe jutro pierwszy wykład w życiu i jakieś ćwiczenia nawet:D


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