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'Night conversations'
The book is written by Ilse Kleberg. It is a classic story. It came out in 1996. It was published by WILGA. The main character is Beniamin, young man about tventy years old . He haves many problems among other things with alcohol and drugs. He can not helps himself and one day he find a telepfone number to phone confidence. There he meets Ruth, they made a conversations and this very hepls him. He want to meet with her and know what she is like in real.Then he inquire about her disability, she drive on wheelchair. Next he helps her in everyday activitis and they starting looking for Beniamin's friend. They inquired that the died a few days ago because she (przedawkowała) a drugs. They take a decison help other people like Beniamin before he met Ruth.Even he did not met her , he will prapobly died like his friend.
This book is well written. The book contains vivid discriptions of the characters. It is worth to reading you will can not put it down. I thoroughly recommened this book. It shows that every human can change into bad turn good man if we give him a helpfull hand.