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Mógłby ktoś rzucić okiem czy jest to dobrze dopasowane do definicji, bo wydaje mnie się, że te całe definicje są mało precyzyjne i niekonsekwente jak i cały angielski :|.

1. Action which happened in the past at a definite time
Yesterday morning I went to St Stephen's Cathedral.

2. Longer past action interrupted by a shorter action
While I was taking pictures, someone stole my bag.

3. Past action having visible results in the present
We've been swimming at Nyali Beach almost every day and we've got great tans.

4. Action which began in the past and is still going on
I have been exploring all the gorgeous sandy beaches in the area.

5. Action happened at an unstated time in the past
I've seen the incredible Minoan Palace.

6. Statement of personal experiences or changes
I think I've put on weight.
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