passive form

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Hej, mam problem z wstawieniem odpowiednich form. Niby rozumiem zasady tworzenia passive voice ale w praktyce ciężko jest mi je zastosować. Czy istnieje tu jakaś dobra dusza która mogłaby mi z tym pomóc?

1. Nobody .... (tell) the time of the exam yet. - has been told
2. It's difficult to avoid ... (photograph) by paparazzi when you're famous.
3. The gym is closed this week - it ... (redecorate) - will be redecorated
4. I saw Mirand in the art exhibition. She ... (show) around by one of the artist. -had been shown
5. Drivers shouldn't ... (fine) for parking ten minutes longer than they've paid for. - fined
6. Chelsea refused ... (beat) and ended up winning the match.
7. The couple ... (think) to have escaped to France. - were thought
8. Fish and chips used to ... (wrap) in old newspaper. - wraped
9. That restaurant ... (say) to be one of the best i Europe.
2 po avoid uzywa sie gerund
3 raczej present continuous
4 bardziej realistycznie past continuous
5 brakuje formy 'to be'
6 po refuse uzywa sie bezokolicznika
7 albo are thought
8 brakuje 'to be'
dziękuję serdecznie ;)
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