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...a letter from court stating that I'm obliged..

O, zniknelo jakies zdanie ze srodka:)

They are always ripping you off in this country!
In short, I admit, I was caught for traveling without a ticket, I got a fine and paid it a few days after that. Soon after I got a summons from the police... When I was there I handed them over the receipt so they wouldn't take me to court, and yet after 6 months I receive a letter from court stating that I'm obliged to pay an extra fine, bear the court costs and pay a statutory fee for the State Treasury!
I'm so screwed up already..
edytowany przez xpabloxx1: 28 sty 2015
You're good to go:)

>>I'm so screwed up already..

No, you're not. Just imagine a 300-pound guy who got a summons from NYPD for farting in public places:)
dobra, może zamienię na pissed off already? ;p
idź do ztm-u i to wyjaśnij,zrob awanture i postrasz ich jakimś wpływowym wujkiem
ztm nic nie zrobi, sprawa już była, a to policja skierowała sprawę o ukaranie ;p
złożę odwołanie i wyślę potwierdzenie zapłaty mandatu, nic innego mi nie pozostaje, no chyba, że zapłacić, nie są te koszty duże ale niesprawiedliwe to jest
Cytat: xpabloxx1
dobra, może zamienię na pissed off already? ;p

It's totally ok, I was only teasing:)
I have good vibes today, I don't know why:)
so ..and that guy hires a lawyer, a little indian 5.0 ft ex bee keeper ..
Dzięki za wszystkie odpowiedzi wszystkim :)
I don't... ;p
wait for the rest of the story .. because I'm in a very creative mood today, I'm writing it right now:) and our lawyer comes up with this major defense line that his client has been suffering from .. are you sitting down? rectal evacuatory dysfunction, hahahaha
edytowany przez savagerhino: 28 sty 2015
I see nobody cares about my big fat slob hero, about his feelings, his suffering.. and about his best friend little lawyer. Ah, ppl are so cruel:((

ok, I'm going to write the screenplay and send it to Seth Rogen, you know, the 'Interview"
how's that? That's going to be right up his alley I guess:)

p.s. ..and how he falls in love with Labtes' dazzling girlfriend, Big Bertha..:), love cannot be compelled, huh
p.s. 2. sorry , it was to be Big Cherry, my bad
edytowany przez savagerhino: 28 sty 2015
Don't worry about that ;)
Oh, you like my Big Pistol hero? That's the spirit:)
yeah it's awesome :)
You don't know the half of it.:), yet. It's getting hairy. I got here some more development on my story.
I thought I would bring a new character into my play, a strong character, you know, like a tough DA (prokurator), a former Seal Team 6 cook who couldn't forget how guys were farting while on deployment in some crapistan when he was cooking for them:) So he doesn't want to let our Biggy walk on technicality and he's hell-bent on putting him in jail for that farting... Riveting, right

p.s. no, actually I'm going to make him Assistant DA, that's better.
You see, this is how great stories are created, right now, right this very moment...:))
p.s.2 I should think about who's going to be the judge.
edytowany przez savagerhino: 28 sty 2015
Cytat: savagerhino
p.s. 2. sorry , it was to be Big Cherry, my bad

Cherries? Did I hear someone saying 'cherries'?
Let me tell you, in case you don't know yet, that I loooooove cherries!
oh you're here, that's good:)
>>that I loooooove cherries!
I know that very very well, and you know that too. I will never forget that:)

so about Big Hog, I missed it last time, so here you go... you also got shade in the summer, don't forget that.:))There are only benefits here about dating big women, hahaha

and please don't forget that I can make my cook a former SAS cook from, say, Aberdeen
edytowany przez savagerhino: 28 sty 2015
I don't know what came over me today. I'm phucking creative, man:)

I just got this grammar joke coming up. It's 100 percent mine, I swear.
here you go

Where shouldn't we use a double negative in the following sentence?:
"Your Honor, I swear I don't know nothing about that dead cherry pop"
Answer: In a courthouse when the judge is a failed grammarian turned lawyer who strongly believes that if you don't know nothing that you should definitely know something on the assumption that two negatives make a statement positive
edytowany przez savagerhino: 28 sty 2015
I can only wonder how creative you can be when you're tipsy :)
Cytat: labtes
I can only wonder how creative you can be when you're tipsy :)

>>when you're tipsy
then I stream mostly, hahahahaha, you know youtube, mytube, histube:))

I'm working now on a joke about WHO can use matching modals in the counterfactual conditional if-clause

like "If she wudda dis , I wudda dat
edytowany przez savagerhino: 28 sty 2015
Cytat: savagerhino
I'm working now on a joke about WHO can use matching modals in the counterfactual conditional if-clause

That's more than creativity.
I'm going to put a little disclaimer her ein case some find it a biiit incorrect politically. But I'm not a liberal after all. What am I, 20:))
So, readers discretion is highly advised.

This use of matching modals in past hypotheticals could be 'cool' only in the following cases:

1. When someone is a deadbeat braindead moron from Ferguson (Missouri), trying to bash another police officer over his head with now a hammer during that full-blown civil riot, following the death of so called 'troubled and misunderstood' (and of course 'innocent') 330-pound black teen Michael Brown right after he strong-armed a poor indian convenience store clerk. (the thug should be 'referred' as a filthy low-life scumbag who got what he deserved)

2. When someone is a single-celled 50-word vocabulary celeb rapper with gold chains rubbing down his crotch (but with a 50 mil balance in Wells Fargo), or a dope slinger from Detroit with a rapsheet that is longer than his own arm, both of whom are frequently invited to the WH by this marxist community organizer & islamic sympathiser-in-chief.

3. An unrefined and easy to please Joe Sixpack, born and bread in Kentucky, who is so hungry
that he "could eat the ass out of a low-flying duck".:)

But DEFINITELY NOT when you're a student from post-socialist Eastern Europe, with an overstayed visa and a heavy Slavic accent, who can barely string one grammatical sentence in English.

ALL rights reserved
edytowany przez savagerhino: 29 sty 2015
Ufff, I shoulda known that you were not going to write about me. I don't need visa to stay in Scotland :)
I cudda done dat butt I really like u:)
btw, do you know what warehouse wetbacks call a monkey wrench in Scotland?
I don't know if it's true but it's something like 'shaista' or shmaista' whatever
I'm going to ask someone tomorrow, this someone is, let's say my dumb 'family member':))

p.s. the apple actually can fall very very far from the tree, that's my wisdom

I'm bailing out, enough is enough
edytowany przez savagerhino: 29 sty 2015
'shaista' sounds German :)
I don't know and, unfortunately, I have no one to ask :)

btw, you shoudda bought the castle in Aberdeenshire!
Yes, that castle..Nah, with hindsight, I don't know, really. I like Scotland and I like scots. I really do but they're too nice, too liberal, maybe even too socialist for me in some regard in that other sense, you know, or maybe you don't know:) And it's probably very good and that's the way it should be but not for me. I have a very good friend, not far from Aberdeen, born and bred scot, 'good man' like he always says, we go back like, I don't know, 18-19 years or something. We used to work together back in the days, pushing a lot of good scottish stuff to russians but that's all gone now, you wouldn't sellem a single peanut butter jar right now, what's the point.

I'm going to Tuscon (Arizona) this July, the end of July actually, for the ACA Conference, you know, people without legs and arms and whatnot, just to shoot the breeze a bit. I'm going to stay there something like three weeks and then I have to go to Seattle (WA). Remember I told you about that on the private channel? Or maybe I didn't. Now I'm getting close to sort it all out and to finally have all my 'phucking ducks' in a row so to speak. It's getting serious, in fact it's gone too far already, basically beyond the point of no return of an event horizon, in Stephen Hawking's terms:) Besides, I've already arranged to consult a certified Hanger Inc. prosthetist on my goddam leg, they're the best in the world. I can't get any better help in kielbasa land,not anymore, no matter how much I pay them, period. That's the story.
edytowany przez savagerhino: 29 sty 2015
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