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Witam mam problem z mową zależną dostałam zadanie i nie potrafię zamienić zdań na mowe zależną
Jeżeli ktoś potrafi proszę o pomoc
Zdania pytające:
1. “How much is the rent?”
2. “Is it one or two-bedroom flat?”
3. “How much does it cost?”
4. “Would it be possible to fit a new lock?”
5. “Is there a fire place in your house?”
6. “When can I move in?”
7. “Will you check it for me?”
8. “Have you seen my wallet?”
9. “Was John at the meeting?”
10. Did your boss sign those letters?”
11. “Has your mother been waiting all this time?”
12. “Did he wake up at least?”
13. “Were you writing a report when I called you?”
14. “What were you doing in the middle of the night at this club?”
15. “Where were you when I needed you?”
16. “Who saw you?”
17. “Whose car are you driving?”
18. “Which day of the week suits you best?”
19. “How much are you supposed to get?”
20. “When will she arrive?”
21. “How many children do they plan to have?”
22. “Where is my father?”

Zdania rozkazujące:
1. “Wake me up at 9 o`clock tomorrow.”
2. “Give them some food and take them to the zoo.”
3. “Lock the door, please.”
4. “Tell him that I will wait for him at the station.”
5. “Be quiet.”
6. “Don`t make a noise.”
7. “Give me a kiss, please.”
8. “Take the dishes out from the dishwasher.”
9. “Take care of everything.”
10. “Don`t wake me up before 7 o`clock.”
11. “Don`t worry if I don`t come before nine.”
12. “Don`t spend your money – save some.”
13. “Don`t wear your best suit when you are cleaning.”
14. “Don`t park in front of my house.”
15. “Don`t be so practical.”
16. “Don`t tell him about everything.”
znajdz regulki i sama odrob te zadania

np. pytania sa omowione tutaj

tryb rozkazujacy zamieniamy na bezokoliczniki
np. he told me to wake him up...


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