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Moglby mi ktos uzasadnic w kazdym numerku dlaczego uzyty jest ten czas nie inny np. (11) wystepuje okreslenie czasu ktore wskazuje na PS

Dear Aunt Jean,
I (1) am just writing to tell you how much I (2) appreciate the
money you sent me, and tell you how I (3) am getting on in my first term at university.
Actually, I (4) am really enjoying myself! I (5) am studying quite hard as well,
but at the moment I (5) am spending/spend a lot of time just making friends. I (7) am still staying with my friend Sue, and I (8) am looking for somewhere of my own to live. Only a few of the first-year students (9) live in the college here, and I (10) seem to be spending a lot of time traveling backwards and
forwards. I (11) go to lectures every morning, and most afternoons I (12) study in the library. In fact I (13) am writing this letter instead of finishing my project! I (14) think I’ll buy some new clothes with the money you sent . Everything (15) costs a lot here, and I (16) am saving to buy a winter coat. It (17) gets really cold here in the evenings. I now (18) know some other students and generally speaking we have quite a good time socially! I (20) am also learning to drive. See you soon.
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