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Witam wszystkich ! otoz mam problem :( z moim angielskim jest bardzo slabo , bo zawsze sie w gim uczylem niemieckiego a tu w lo mam rozszezony ang i juz mam krzyzowke zrobic czesc zrobilem ale niestety nie weim reszty czy ktos mi pomoze ? oto zdania z gory dziekuje
1At what ..... would you like to have dinner ?
2How ..... students are there in your class ? ( much)
3 Janet is wearing an evening ....... (dress)
4 Janet didn't come to work yesterday. I ..... , I didn't see her
5My mother often goes shopping..... in the morning
6 Let's ..... a taxi
7They are going to ..... at Park Hotel (walk)
8Read the questions and answer...., please
9 How much do you this jobs ? (work)
10the plane .... London arrives at 3 p.m ( into)
11 Turn right and walk straight ahead to Victoria Station. You can't .... it
12 We are not going to Paris. We were there last.....
13 Can you ... a tango (dance)
14it's a long .. with a happy ending
15Did you watch the evening .... on TV last night ?
16that's ... ! A kid do it
17they live in a small .... on the first floor
18Go away ! I don't want to see you any ...
19Parents don't always ... their children
20 Frank and Jenny had dinner in an italian .. (restaurant)
21A lot of people ... in car accidents nowadays ( had)
22Don't go ..... without saying goodbye
23Jimmy likes to ... in the river (swim)
24 A ... for a letter to Australia, please (stamp)
3. ok
13. ok
20. ok
23. ok
24 ok
dzieki mam teraz o jedno pole wiecej :)


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