my best friend-prosze sprawdzcie :*

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My best friend is called Cecylia and she is too my girlfriend.Cecylia is 17 years old.Cecylia lives in XXX.She attands the second class of the (III LO-jak to przetlumaczyc?)school,humane profile class.Cecylia favourite subject is history.She is very clever.She has got the best note in school.If I were to describle how she looks,I would say she is very pretty girl.She has got long hair,big brown eyes,long eyebrows,small nose and sensual lips.I think she has got the most beautiful smile of all the world.She is always fashionably and neatly dressed.Cecylia is very dynamic and full of energy.She's a incurable optimist.We have known each other for year.We are interested in many of the same hobbies.We both enjoy music and playing computer games.We like going to the cinema but sometimes can't agree on which movie to see.She likes comedy but I like horrors.She doesn't smoke cigarettes,but she drinks a lot of coffe every day.Cecylia has also some faults.For example,she is distracted and slovenly.I'm so happy she is my friend.She knows everything about me.She knows how I feel when she see me.she knows abou my weaknesses and problems.Cecylia understand my and promides she's stay forever.