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niether write, nor interprete, still i have to choose, don\'t have a clue, but not b) i think

It is easier to _______________ than to offer a helping hand.
a) Raise a flag
b) Be on the ball
c) Lay down
d) Point the finger
e) Sing praises
to point a finger
thank you :)
should have known it; point a finger at sb - oskarżać kogoś o coś, yes ?
yep, that\'s right...I am away from the keyboard a lot right now because there doesn\'t seem to be much happening...people are off to bed, I am sure!

not to be confused with \"pull my finger!\".

just joking...:)
if you say to point the finger AT someone that means you blame someone else, but in your example you don\'t have \"AT\" and the pharse you gave here means more like it\'s easier to complain about a situation rather than trying to get involved and help...


I hope I didn\'t mess you up too much!
is it the same as \"pull sb\'s leg\"?
...ehhhm...not really....

it means to flatulate....I think it comes from some silly cartoons. You can definately hear this phrase a lot on \"The Simpsons\".

same thing with \"to cut the cheese\"....
do you use this phrase too?


No, I haven\'t heard anyone using any of these expressions...
Does anyone watch The Simpsons in England?
Cebulka, for Christ\'s Sake...WHAT are you doing at these weeeeeeee hours of the morning???? !!!!!!Don\'t you have to get up early to make it to your office ?????? :0)
I had never watched The Simpsons religiously and recently I went off it completely. Don’t ask me why, it’s this thing I have, I go off things just like that (does not apply to food) ;o)
I stayed till late, as I could not sleep. I had watched England being done by a Portuguese team with a blessing of some guy in black calling himself a referee. If I come across anyone with a silly hairdo and a bleached goatee I can’t be held responsible… I hope that, from now on, the only matches he is going to referee will be some “under 5’s” in his local village. England’s players were far from brilliant but really did not deserve THAT.

Anyway, have a nice weekend. Carl and I are going to Carl’s friend’s fortieth tomorrow.

Four weeks to go! Four weeks to go! :o)
Speaking of the yesterday\'s match, I couldn\'t agree more with you, Cebulka. The kind of hairdo he had and the studid goatee, as you called it, are certainly not the kind of things you would expect from a referee. Anyway, that was a great game and it\'s only a pity England lost. Beckham shouldn\'t have been nominated the 1st penalty taker as he had been completely out of form for months. Eriksson didn\'t have guts to take him off the pitch, just like Scolari did with Figo. I only hope that Beckham will stop pretending to be a superstar and soon will get down to some serious work.
not at all, in fact it\'s quite clear now, thanks for your help :)
True. And they should not rely on one player only, Rooney in this case. I remember when they did a similar thing during the last World Cup: Beckham this, Beckham that. The guy broke some bone in his foot before the competition; some rag printed its picture on the front page and people were asked to kiss it, all at the same time, to make it better! Unbelievable!

Tonight on BBC News they mentioned that this Swiss referee has his own web page (pictures and all sorts, including e-mail link).... I bet that this has inspired a few \"well-wishers\" and tonight his site is going to crash and his e-mail box will be filled up to the rim. ;o)
Well, Cebulka...it\'s all about soccer right now! What about my prawns? How about we watch soccer AND have some prawns? Both parties are happy....???
Damn! Sk8ter! I missed THE prawns! Damn!
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