Ćwiczenia online - Przedimek nieokreślony a/an w języku angielskim

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Polecenie: Insert an/a/the/- where necessary.
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  1. We had great time in Greece. weather was beautiful and sea was very warm.

  2. I have to clean flat before my guests arrive.

  3. London, capital of England, is very interesting city.

  4. Can you pass me salt, please? soup is bland.

  5. I saw man and woman coming out of building. man was holding bag and woman was pushing pram.

  6. It's lovely day. Let's go for walk.

  7. Excuse me. How can we get to airport? Is it long way from here?

  8. We need to buy new sofa. sofa we have is very old.

  9. My sister plays piano and is one of best pianists in Poland.

  10. I'm English teacher and I work in language school.

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