Ćwiczenia online - Przedimek nieokreślony a/an w języku angielskim

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Polecenie: Insert an/a/the/- where necessary.
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  1. Don't turn there, it's one-way street.

  2. There were lot of people at the concert.

  3. Relax! We still have hour. Let's go for short drive.

  4. I had delicious doughnut for dessert yesterday.

  5. My friend is actress and she's already been in film.

  6. There aren't many words beginning with 'x'.

  7. This is old book. It has been in the cellar for couple of years.

  8. Mike's got funny uncle who always has exciting story to tell.

  9. My older brother is MP and the younger important writer.

  10. I always wanted to be university lecturer but at the moment I'm school teacher.

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