Christopher, korepetycje z angielskiego - Poznań

50 zł

za 60 minut

Christopher Hi, I'm an American living here in Poznan with my wife and son. I have been teaching and giving conversation lessons in Poznan now for a number of years. I specialize in American English, of course, and can help you understand the dialects and expressions you see in movies, music, and media as well as building business vocabulary and understanding news media. Whatever your needs, the depth of conversation and specific learning methods can be tailored just for you.
Generally, my conversations are mostly free-form, spontaneous and relaxed as it would be in a natural environment meeting someone new. I occasionally provide American news or magazine articles to read for homework and as a way to build new vocabulary. I also provide links to popular American TV channels, interesting programs, or news outlets that will help you absorb American culture. If you require help with business English, CV building, or interview practice that's also no problem with my extensive professional background in the five star hotel business.
I am available daytime working hours (8:00-15:00) or evenings (16:00-19:00) at my home office near Junikowo on Hiacyntowa Street where I give most of my evening lessons. Please let me know your preferred schedule, day and time and I will see what I can do.
My basic rate is 50zl per hour if you come to my home, 60zl at your home within my district area (Junikowo, Plewiska, Skorzewo, etc.)or near the Poznan city center is 70zl
*Please email first to schedule an appointment, including your preferred time, day, and place of meeting.

Szczegóły oferty:
Korepetytor: Christopher
Obszar Poznań,
Cena: 50 zł/60 minut
Staż nauczania: ponad 5 lat
Zakres nauczania: ogólny, przygotowanie do egzaminów, business, konwersacje
Poziom nauczania: średniozaawansowany, zaawansowany
Miejsce nauki: u ucznia, u nauczyciela
Dni nauki: cały tydzień oprócz weekendów
Telefon: Telefon: 539-233-519
Email: Email:
Oferta dodana: 17 wrz 2019