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Oh hello there!
I'm a master of Psychology and international certified English Teacher (specialization: teaching online).
My areas of expertise as an English Tutor are:
-Business English
-General English
-FCE, IELTS, matura exam etc.

Why am I the right person to help with your English learning concerns?
-3+ years of experience in tutoring English
-98% students satisfaction rate
-10+ years of experience in the business field (Sales/HR/Logistics/Banking)
-Personal qualities: approachable, talkative, punctual, emphatic, optimistic, with a sense of humour, tolerant, patient
-Proven excellence in flexible ways of teaching
-Until today, trained 300+ skilled Students.

I truly just want my students to succeed - I do care about their progress! Even when I end the classes, I tend to think about ways to develop my students individually. I’m enthusiastic about meeting new people and exchanging thoughts and perspectives.

At the core, I’m a mom to a wonderful four-year-old baby girl. Parenthood taught me patience, resourcefulness, and some good work-life balance (and, of course, the whole movie soundtrack of the Frozen franchise).

Outside of work I’m writing a three-part novel. And also I’m a Star Wars geek (yes, that’s exactly what it is!). When time permits, I’m keen on creating some floral arrangements (recently more and more often in the company of my daughter).
I’m constantly learning - this is what keeps me up at night (it’s always a good time to revise some idioms or phrasal verbs, isn’t it?).

Any questions? Drop me a line!

Szczegóły oferty:
Korepetytor: Aleksandra (lat: 34)
Obszar korepetycje online,
Cena: 90 zł/60 minut (z możliwością zniżek)
Staż nauczania: 2 - 5 lat
Zakres nauczania: ogólny, przygotowanie do egzaminów, business, konwersacje
Poziom nauczania: średniozaawansowany, zaawansowany
Miejsce nauki: online
Dni nauki: cały tydzień oprócz weekendów
Telefon: Telefon: 695700503
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Oferta dodana: 28 lip 2021