get out – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

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get out

phrasal verb z czasownikiem get
  1. wyjść

    I can't get out until my husband comes home.

    When will you be able to get out? We've not been for a drink for ages.

    I managed to get out because my mother took the kids round to her place.

  2. wymigać się, wykręcić się
    get out of something

    I was supposed to clean the house today but I manged to get out of it. I said I felt ill.

    I promised to help and I really can't get out of it.

    Is there any chance I can get out of my cleaning duty?

  3. wysiąść (z taksówki, samochodu, itp.)
    get out (of something)

    I thought I'd be blown away when I got out of the helicopter.

    It took me ten minutes to get out of the taxi because I'd hurt my leg that morning.

    We were ordered to get out of our car and run away as quickly as possible because of a bomb scare.

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