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Słówko Definicja Tłumaczenie Przykład

whaleoil (n)

liquid from whale's livers; tran Whale-oil used to be given to children to protect them from illnesses.


a place where waste can be buried miejsce, gdzie zakopuje się śmieci Some waste should be recycled rather than kept at landfills. at a landfill, a landfill site


causing cancer rakotwórczy Many by-products of the electronics industry are highly carcinogenic and more and more people are dying of cancer.


infertile jałowy The land was barren and people couldn't grow any plants there. collocation: barren land, soil


serious decrease uszczuplenie collocation: depletion OF sth Depletion of the ozone layer is one of the most serious problems of our environment.


to burn, reduce to ashes spalać Instead of being incinerated most waste could be recycled.

slash and burn technique

felling trees then burning them wycinanie i palenie lasów collocation: slash and burn farming, technique "Slash and burn " farming can cause both deforestation and soil erosion.


harmful, toxic szkodliwy All man-made disasters can be noxious for animals and their environment

wading birds

longlegged birds that walk through water ptaki brodzące Oil slicks are particularly dangerous for wading birds as they can easily get smothered with oil.


an act of killing large numbers of people/animals in a cruel and violent way; also: to slaughter(v) zabijanie, rzeź Elephants are slaughtered for their ivory.


form of temporary shelter made of branches and used esp. by environmental protesters; derived probably from 'twig' and 'igloo' in 1995 in Britain. pine twigloo; protesters' twigloo

sbs - sick building syndrome

a set of adverse environmental conditions found in a building in which the environment is a health risk to its inhabitants, esp. because of inadequate ventilation or air conditioning

sbs - sick building syndrome

set of symptoms (headache, dizziness, general tiredness) experienced by people who live or work in such a building; introduced in 1983) A person with SBS (NOT SBS syndrome); common presence of SBS in skyscrapers

dna profiling / fingerprinting

process of constructing an outline or profile of a person's individual characteristics, here on the basis of gene map. Expensive DNA profiling; usage of DNA profiling

fundie or fundy

a colloquial use: fundamentalist, esp. Religious ~ or as a member of a radical branch of the Green Movement; also called a deep green Environmental fundie; green fundies' protest

ecological footprint

something which has had a permanent damaging effect on the surrounding environment; introduced in nineties

wise use movement

environmental policy promoting a controlled use of natural resources; very popular in the USA; first served in positive sense, in the end used to defend commodity production

red route

a traffic management scheme, marked by red lines along the edge of the road; designed to ease congestion on main roads in LONDON, introduced in 1991

river abuse

maltreating by the environmentally irresponsible; 'abuse' can be applied to any field or element of environment; very fashionable expression

environmental resistance

limits set by the environment to the reproduction potential for a certain species when its group is too numerous

the gaia hypothesis

rather unusual and controversial hypothesis in recent years, stating that the earth can be treated as a single organism and so capable of self - maintenance

to resonate

to echo. The effects of the September 11th bombing will resonate throughout history - no one will ever feel safe anywhere ever again?


echoing, resounding. The resonant quality of the attack will last forever.


perceivable, hearable, that can be discerned or made out. Undoubtedly, Gerald could hear a discernible noise coming from behind the door - somebody was inside his room!


opposite to above! Of course, the noise was indiscernible to Gerald's friend - was deaf - but there was definitely somebody there.

to fortify

to make stronger. What I could do with is a little lemonade that has been fortified with a little whisky!


magical formula, spell. The wizard uttered his incantation and Gerald turned into a frog!


uproar, clamor. The hullabaloo coming from the classroom clearly indicated that yet another teacher had lost control of class three - it was so noisy!


movement of sound; fall of voice, esp at end of sentence. I like Gerald's voice - it has such a nice cadence to it...


racket, loud noise. The din coming from the music hall clearly indicated that the new group still had to have several practice sessions!
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Komentarze (11)

19 gru 2016

Na jaki poziomie są te słówka ? Czy ich znajomość jest potrzebna do zdawania CAE ?

07 lis 2016

Mam te słówka w formacie pdf. Jeśli ich potrzebujecie, wyślijcie do mnie maila:

05 paź 2016

Wielka szkoda że, nie ma możliwości wydruku w pdf...

05 lip 2016

No właśnie w pdf by się przydało ;)

09 mar 2016

ma ktoś te wszystkie słówka w PDF ??

09 lut 2016

Zdania w przykładach są proste, co tu tłumaczyć? Zwłaszcza na tym poziomie. Ja bym raczej poprosiła o wymowę słówek. Czasem akcent albo głoska wymówiona nie tak -i klapa. Ale to drobiazg. Strona świetna, dziękuję i pozdrawiam.

18 paź 2015

Jest napisane, że to dla osób, które myślą o języku poważnie. Ucząc się zaawansowanego słownictwa, przeważnie już na poziomie B2/C1 rozumie się podaną po ang. definicję. Nie ma zatem co marudzić. :)

30 wrz 2015

Moim zdaniem jeżeli ktoś już jest na filologii to powinien znać podstawowe zdania, sformułowania czy słowa jakie zostały zastosowane w tych przykładach słów ciut bardziej unikalnych, jak dla mnie bajka. Świetna strona, pozdrawiam.

21 wrz 2015

Brak. Mnie np brakuje tłumaczenia zdania. I to jest też głównie największy problem w książkach. Tłumaczy się słówko a nie całe zdanie. I przez to niby zastosowanie jest - no jest... ale niepełne.

12 sie 2015

Genialny pomysł, ale nieprecyzyjne wykonanie...brak polskich tłumaczeń utrudnia pracę.


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