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Słówko Definicja Tłumaczenie Przykład

tow the line

to say or do what those in authority say is right even if one doesn't agree; If your going to be a Republican, you have to tow the line and vote only for Republicans.

to amend

to change the words of a legal document; The government has had to amend the constitution several times.

lame duck

a person who had an elected position but was not elected again; The governor was a lame duck after election day.


a system of government in which the wealthy hold all the power; It's time we put an end to this plutocracy!

term of office

a period of time between two elections during which an elected official is in office; The president's death occurred in his first term of office.

vote of confidence

a vote taken to show a general support for a leader or government; The right-wing alliance has called for a vote of confidence.


a district that has it's own elected representative in the government; The senator's constituency includes most of the poorest areas.

election platform

the main policies and aims of a political party stated before an election; The party's election platform will be announced to the public on Monday.

opinion poll

a survey of public opinion on a particular subject, especially involving politics; Nearly three-fourths of the people questioned in the opinion poll agreed with the governor's decision.

press release

an official statement about a matter of public interest which is given to the press; The vice-president's press release denied the rumor of his resignation.

to ratify

to make an agreement or treaty officially valid; Many countries have ratified the UN convention on human rights.

summit talks

a meeting between heads of two or more governments; Israel and Egypt held summit talks to ease tensions between them.

budget surplus

the amount by which the total money received is greater than the total money spent by a government; The budget surplus is hoped to go education.

to impeach

to make an accusation of a public official which states that he committed a serious crime in connection with his job; The representative from New York was impeached for taking public money

poverty of an argument/ idea

Weakness The poverty of his arguments is the heart of his writing problems.


A written or spoken statement that strongly criticizes or defends a particular idea, opinion, etc. The polemic over European union is increasing day by day.


To explain or talk about something in detail. We often expound upon things we believe in.


Former Erstwhile opinions suggest politics was the main cause of the English Civil War.


Confident and skilful. The Northern Ireland Secretary handled the hostile questions with great aplomb.


To state that you are not responsible for sth or that you have no knowledge of it. He later disavowed any connection with the Fascist collaborators.


To prove that a person or belief is completely wrong. I defy you to confute my assertion that the world is round.


The holder of a particular position. The Prime Minister can choose who he wants as a Foreign Secretary. The present incumbent is Jack Straw.


To reduce lessen/lessen Arguments over a single European currency are unlikely to abate in the near future.


To gain momentum. The anti-globalization movement is slowly gaining impetus.


A statement that has been made many times before and is not interesting or clever. His end of year speech was full of platitudes.


Something that is present but hidden and may develop or become more noticeable in the future. The idea that Germany is a latent threat to Polish security is ridiculous.


A ruling class of rich people, a country ruled by such people, or a government consisting of them. Britain was far more of a plutocracy in the 19th century than she is today.


Ideas, activities, etc that are secret and often intended to encourage people to oppose a government, religion, etc. Because of his subversive views the intelligence services had him under constant observation.

to stamp out

To prevent something from spreading/increasing to stop; lessen. In their pre-election manifestos, political parties often pledge to stamp out crime - but they never do.

to pontificate

To give your opinion about something in a way that shows you think you are always right. Politicians often seem to pontificate on matters they really don't know much about.
91-120 z 273
Komentarze (12)

nursery school - oznacza również ŻŁOBEK (tak podaje słownik Cambridge), kindergarten - tłumaczy się jako PRZEDSZKOLE.

Jeśli dla niektórych z Państwa brak polskiego tłumaczenia, to co robicie na tym dziale, skoro jest to dla studentów filologii? Skoro student filologii jest poziomu B2/C1 powinien, jak nie musi, być w stanie zrozumieć znaczenie
z kontekstu. Jeśli znów rozchodzi się o wymowę, to jakim problemem jest wejść na stronę słownika takiego jak, longman, czy oxford, wpisać słowo i przeczytać transkrypcję/odsłuchać wymowę? Wystarczy odrobinę pomyśleć i odpowiedź się sama nasunie. ;) Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

Na jaki poziomie są te słówka ? Czy ich znajomość jest potrzebna do zdawania CAE ?

Wielka szkoda że, nie ma możliwości wydruku w pdf...

No właśnie w pdf by się przydało ;)

ma ktoś te wszystkie słówka w PDF ??

Zdania w przykładach są proste, co tu tłumaczyć? Zwłaszcza na tym poziomie. Ja bym raczej poprosiła o wymowę słówek. Czasem akcent albo głoska wymówiona nie tak -i klapa. Ale to drobiazg. Strona świetna, dziękuję i pozdrawiam.

Jest napisane, że to dla osób, które myślą o języku poważnie. Ucząc się zaawansowanego słownictwa, przeważnie już na poziomie B2/C1 rozumie się podaną po ang. definicję. Nie ma zatem co marudzić. :)

Moim zdaniem jeżeli ktoś już jest na filologii to powinien znać podstawowe zdania, sformułowania czy słowa jakie zostały zastosowane w tych przykładach słów ciut bardziej unikalnych, jak dla mnie bajka. Świetna strona, pozdrawiam.

Brak. Mnie np brakuje tłumaczenia zdania. I to jest też głównie największy problem w książkach. Tłumaczy się słówko a nie całe zdanie. I przez to niby zastosowanie jest - no jest... ale niepełne.

Genialny pomysł, ale nieprecyzyjne wykonanie...brak polskich tłumaczeń utrudnia pracę.


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