Kim chcę zostać w przyszłości - wzór wypracowania

Kim chcę zostać w przyszłości

I love animals and I have always wanted to do something connected with them. My first idea was to become a vet and help animals in need but then I changed my mind. I don't want to see animals in pain. Sometimes animals have diseases which doctors can't cure. I would prefer to do a job that will give me a chance to see happy animals and that is why I have decided to be a dolphin trainer.

Dolphins are very friendly and sociable animals. They love the company of people and working with them is a real pleasure. I think that my personality could be my advantage in this kind of work. I am a patient and calm person and I can make animals feel safe and comfortable.

Working with dolphins would also give me a chance to spend a lot of time in water. This is great because I love swimming and diving so this job would be a perfect combination of something useful and enjoyable.

The only problem is that to train for this job and then find work I would have to go to another country. I am not going to give up hope, though. As soon as I finish school, I want to apply to one of British universities. If I am successful, I may be able to do a job of my dreams in the future.

liczba słów: ~230


connected with - związany z
a vet - weterynarz
pain - ból
a disease - choroba
to cure - leczyć
to prefer - woleć, preferować
a trainer - trener
sociable - towarzyski
personality - osobowość
an advantage - zaleta
patient - cierpliwy
calm - spokojny
safe - bezpieczny
diving - nurkowanie
combination - połączenie
useful - pożyteczny, przydatny
enjoyable - przyjemny

to change one's mind - zmienić swoje zdanie
to give someone a chance to do something - dać komuś możliwość zrobienia czegoś
I would prefer - wolał(a)bym
this kind of work - taki typ pracy
to make someone feel safe - sprawić, że ktoś czuje się bezpiecznie
to be successful - tutaj: powieść się/udać się (komuś)

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