Rozprawka. Wady i zalety pracy nastolatków w wakacje. - wzór wypracowania

Rozprawka. Wady i zalety pracy nastolatków w wakacje.

A lot of teenagers look for summer jobs when the school year finishes. They usually do something that does not require specific qualifications or experience. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in the summer?

The main benefit is that it gives young people a chance to get their own money that they can spend in any way they like. It is especially important for students from poor families. For them, too, getting a job in a holiday resort is often the only chance for a holiday. What is more, a summer job teaches young people responsibility and independence. It is often a lesson of life because it puts them in situations they will probably have to face in adult life.

On the other hand, there are certainly some disadvantages. Some might say that working in the summer deprives students of a real holiday. Instead of sunbathing on the beach or hiking in the mountains, they have to serve customers in bars or tidy hotel rooms. Apart from that, in many cases they are paid very little money for their work. As a result, some of them may get discouraged from work altogether because they see that it does not make much sense.

To sum up, getting a summer job has its pluses and minuses. It is an individual decision and it has to be made carefully if what we want is a good experience and extra money rather than a waste of time and disappointment.

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advantages - zalety
disadvantages - wady
require - wymagać
a holiday resort - ośrodek wypoczynkowy
responsibility - odpowiedzialność
independence - niezależność, samodzielność
to face something - zmierzyć się z czymś
adult - dorosły
apart from - oprócz, poza
discouraged - zniechęcony
instead (of) - zamiast

to deprive someone of something - pozbawić kogoś czegoś
on the other hand - z drugiej strony
what is more - co więcej
to sum up - podsumowując
to get discouraged - zniechęcić się

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