List nieformalny. List z kursu językowego w Wielkiej Brytanii - wzór wypracowania

List nieformalny. List z kursu językowego w Wielkiej Brytanii

Dear Marco,

I hope you are fine. Are you still staying with your grannie in Rome? It's almost a month since my holiday in Italy so I'm writing with some news.

You'll never guess where I am. As a birthday surprise my parents have sent me to England! I'm taking a language course in Brighton to improve my English. It is absolutely fantastic! We have classes until 2 p.m. every day. The teachers are so friendly and such fun to be with. I've been here only 10 days now but I've already overcome the speaking barrier which I had before. I've started speaking more fluently and I'm really proud of myself.

My roommate Alessandra comes from Italy. At the beginning there was a bit of friction between us because I wanted to practise my Italian with her and she was not very keen. After all, she is here to practise English! But now we get on really well. Alessandra and I have a lot in common – we both like shopping (there are wonderful souvenir shops here on the coast) and going to concerts. Last Sunday we went to a club to see the local rock band and we had a great time.

I so wish you were here… You must send me all you news.

Love, Magda

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grannie - babcia
almost - prawie
guess - zgadnąć
improve - udoskonalić, poprawić
overcome - pokonać
barrier - bariera
fluently - płynnie
proud of ... - dumny z ...
roommate - kolega z pokoju
friction - tarcie, sprzeczki
keen - chętny, entuzjastycznie nastawiony

take a course - uczestniczyć w kursie, odbywać kurs
get on well - dobrze się dogadywać, mieć dobre relacje
have something in common - mieć coś wspólnego
I wish you were here - szkoda, że cię tutaj nie ma

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