Rozprawka za i przeciw: Wady i zalety posyłania dzieci na zajęcia pozalekcyjne. - wzór wypracowania

Rozprawka za i przeciw: Wady i zalety posyłania dzieci na zajęcia pozalekcyjne.

Over recent years more and more parents have been sending their children to various extra classes. Do all young people really benefit from this situation or are there more disadvantages to it? There is no doubt that providing a child with additional opportunities to learn has a lot of positive aspects.

First of all, when regular education is often not sufficient, arranging extra classes seems the best way to make up for what is not taught at school. Moreover, taking part in courses outside school can help young people find out what they are genuinely interested in or good at. As a result, they can focus on these subjects and enjoy learning.

On the minus side, if a child's timetable is filled in with a number of classes that do not leave space for anything else, one might wonder if it really makes sense. Adolescents need time for themselves, for cherishing friendships, reading for pleasure and hobbies. What is more, extra classes are often chosen by overambitious parents, not their children. In consequence, instead of helping children develop, these opportunities discourage them from learning.

All in all, extra classes for children can offer a lot of benefits which should not be underestimated. However, one cannot ignore the fact that if not well thought out, they can cause harm rather than bring joy and satisfaction.

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various - rozmaite, różne
benefit - odnosić korzyści
additional - dodatkowy
sufficient - wystarczający
genuinely - autentycznie, naprawdę
focus on ... - skupiać się na ...
adolescents - nastolatki; młodociani
cherish - pielęgnować
discourage - zniechęcać
underestimated - niedoceniony
thought out - przemyślany

provide someone with something - zapewnić coś komuś; wyposażyć w coś
make up for something - zrekompensować coś
cause harm - szkodzić

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