Opis osoby. Nauczyciel, którego chciałbym spotkać po latach. - wzór wypracowania

Opis osoby. Nauczyciel, którego chciałbym spotkać po latach.

Thinking about the teachers I have had I sometimes wonder if I would like to meet any of them in the future. Some of them will be remembered because they were friendly and lenient and thus popular with students. Others kept disciplining and terrorising us. However, there was one teacher who was both demanding and friendly and that made him special. That was Mr Kowalski, my Polish teacher in primary school.

Although it has been about five years since I last saw him, I can clearly recall him, partly due to his appearance. He was a young man with long and curly hair, so he reminded us of a rock musician. He used to wear the most amazing ties and colourful shoes. A lot of girls were very fond of him, so you could always see a group of admirers following him along the school corridors.

Fair and tolerant, he never favoured anyone. In our Polish lessons we could express our opinions and even if we were not always right, Mr Kowalski did not criticise us. What is more, his lessons taught us to be creative because we could use our imagination, e.g. when Mr Kowalski organised a competition for the best blog and almost all of us took part.

Thanks to that teacher going to school was a pleasure. Despite his age, he was one of the most respected teachers in the school because of the attention he gave us and his positive attitude. I would definitely like to meet him again, if only to express my gratitude for what he taught me and for his care.

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lenient - pobłażliwy
demanding - wymagający
admirer - adorator, wielbiciel
favour - faworyzować
gratitude - wdzięczność
creative - twórczy

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