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Opis - moje mieszkanie

I live in a block and my flat is on the second floor. It is quite small because there are only two rooms: my bedroom and the living room. The living room is also my parents' bedroom.

My bedroom is next to the bathroom, so in the morning if I am quick I can take a shower before my mum. Our bathroom is very modern. It is light and spacious. In fact, it is the most comfortable room in the flat.

Opposite the bathroom there is a kitchen. It is very small and there is too little space for a table, so we have our meals in the living room. I like the kitchen because we have a lot of equipment there. There is a microwave, a blender, a coffeemaker and a lot of colourful gadgets. There is also a small TV because my mum likes watching some programmes when she is cooking.

The living room is fortunately quite big. My parents divided it in two areas: one for sleeping and one for relaxing, eating, watching TV, etc. There is a screen between them.

I like my flat because it is cosy and nice.

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bedroom - sypialnia
living room - pokój dzienny, salonik
shower - prysznic
modern - nowoczesny
spacious - przestrzenny
comfortable - wygodny
kitchen - kuchnia
space - przestrzeń, miejsce
meals - posiłki
equipment - sprzęt
microwave - mikrofalówka
blender - mikser
coffeemaker - ekspres do kawy
gadgets - gadżety
fortunately - na szczęście
to divide - dzielić
screen - ekran, parawan
cosy - przytulny

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