Udana impreza miejska - wzór wypracowania

Udana impreza miejska

Like every spring, this year the authorities of our city organised a three-day celebration for its inhabitants - from Friday afternoon to Sunday night. I took part in some of a wide variety of events and I must admit that I had a great time.

Everything started with a concert in our park in the city centre. This year we were amazed to see live such stars as Lady Gaga or Radiohead. Each of the artists had prepared their own special effects. Lady Gaga, e.g., jumped onto the stage from a helicopter, with a parachute of course.

On Saturday there were some competitions. I took part in a race in high-heeled shoes and my friend decided to try her luck in a lookalike contest. The audience chose someone who most resembles a famous person. My friend looks a bit like Natalie Portman, but the winner was Doda's lookalike. Everybody was shocked to see an exact copy of the Polish singer.

Sunday was the cooking and eating day. In our city there is an Indian and a Chinese community. Their representatives cooked absolutely fantastic dishes. I had a piece of everything so I came back home feeling so full I could hardly move.

The weekend had passed very quickly. Everything was perfectly organised and the people who had come to enjoy the events did not cause any trouble. Although there were quite a lot of police officers to keep order, they did not have much work to do.

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authorities - władze
a celebration - święto
inhabitants - mieszkańcy
a variety - różnorodność, wybór
an event - impreza, wydarzenie
to admit - przyznać
amazed - zdumieni
a stage - scena
live - na żywo
special effects - efekty specjalne
a parachute - spadochron
a contest - konkurs
a lookalike - sobowtór
to resemble - przypominać (kogoś, coś)
a community - społeczność
a representative - przedstawiciel

to try one's luck - spróbować swojego szczęścia
to keep order - utrzymać porządek

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