Moja rodzina (forma: list nieformalny) - wzór wypracowania

Moja rodzina (forma: list nieformalny)

Dear Jane, Thank you for your letter and the photos. I was very curious to see you before you visit me. My whole family can't wait to meet you. They are very excited about our student exchange.

My two brothers are quite OK. Marek is two years younger than me and he is crazy about music, especially rock and pop. He's learning to play the guitar, so be ready for some noise coming from the attic! Jacek is my twin brother but he's completely different from me! He's a serious boy. He is interested in computers and things like that. His friends are always around so you're going to meet a lot of boys.

My parents got married when my mum was twenty and my dad twenty-one. They were quite young when they had me and Jacek, so there isn't a very big generation gap between us, I suppose. My dad is an engineer and he's a very busy man. You'll probably only see him at the weekend. My mum used to work as a nurse but three years ago she decided to give up work. She wanted to have more time to spend with us.

I hope you will like everyone. We're a bit crazy and you won't be bored with us. Oh, and one more thing ... Marek has a pet snake (but he keeps it in the cellar!) and we have a cat. Toby spends most of the time in the garden and only comes in to eat and sleep. If you have any questions about us, please call me or send an e-mail. We still have two weeks before you come.

Anyway, I must go now to feed Toby.

Lots of love,


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curious - ciekawy
excited - podniecony, podekscytowany
student exchange - wymiana uczniowska
noise - hałas
an attic - poddasze
serious - poważny
a generation gap - różnica pokoleń
probably - prawdopodobnie
a nurse - pielęgniarka
crazy - szalony
a pet - zwierzę domowe
a snake - wąż
a cellar - piwnica
to feed - karmić
especially - szczególnie

to be crazy about something/someone - szaleć na punkcie czegoś/kogoś
to be interested in something - interesować się czymś
to be ready for something - być przygotowanym na coś
She used to work as a nurse. - Kiedyś pracowała jako pielęgniarka.
most of the time - większość czasu

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