Opis osoby. Najbardziej ekscentryczna osoba, którą znam. - wzór wypracowania

Opis osoby. Najbardziej ekscentryczna osoba, którą znam.

When we think about eccentric people we usually have in mind some celebrities who would do anything to attract our attention. They wear the most extraordinary clothes, jewellery and make-up, express shocking opinions and live unconventional lifestyles. Suprisingly, the most eccentric person I know is not a celebrity. What is more, he does not even look unusual.

My brother Wojtek, because he is the person in question, is at first sight an ordinary teenager. He keeps his hair cut short and wears casual clothes. He does not stand out from the crowd. To realise he is eccentric you must spend some time with him and get to know him better.

Beneath the surface you can see a young man whose behaviour and way of thinking are far from typical. Although Wojtek is a popular person and he is often invited to parties, he prefers to spend hours at home reading about geography, biology, history. The world around seems more interesting to him than teenage life. When he is hanging out with his friends, instead of talking about computer games or sport, he carefully analyses a leaf of grass or an insect.

People are probably attracted to him because he is a sincere and friendly person. His eccentricism is not pretended. Wojtek does not do anything to show off and he is always himself. Maybe that is the reason that although he still collects soft toys – Eeyore is his favourite - he is not made fun of by his classmates. By the way, in today's world being natural is already a form of eccentricism.

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to have (something/someone) in mind - mieć (coś/kogoś) na myśli
to attract attention - przyciągać uwagę
to express opinions - wyrażać opinie
at first sight - na pierwszy rzut oka
to stand out from the crowd - wyróżniać się z tłumu
to get to know - poznać
beneath the surface - pod powierzchnią
to hang out with someone - spędzać z kimś czas, spotykać się
to make fun of someone - naśmiewać się z kogoś
by the way - nawiasem mówiąc

a celebrity - celebryta
extraordinary - niezwykły
ordinary - zwykły, przeciętny
a leaf - liść, źdźbło
sincere - szczery
pretended - udawany
to show off - popisywać się
soft toys - maskotki
a reason - przyczyna, powód

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